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Increase Employee Retention with Employee Turnover Assessment

Knowing why your talent is leaving is essential to winning the talent war. The Harrison Employee Turnover Assessment provides a deep insight into your talents' competitiveness by enabling you to determine the degree to which different factors are impacting employee turnover. It enables you to determine the reasons for employee turnover such as:

Determine reasons for Employee Turnover

  • Salary that is not competitive
  • Unclear job descriptions and expectations at the point of hire
  • Poor hiring criteria
  • Difficult interactions with management

Custom Reports and Strategies

We provide a complete customized report with critical employee turnover information and recommended employ retention strategies. It can optionally include an analysis of the degree to which your employee turnover is related to good performers or poor performers.

Being empowered with the above critical data will enable employee retention and save a fortune on recruitment fees, mis-hires, lost management time, and training for new employees.

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